Posted 7th Feb 2022
I've used the Odeon website every week for the last 7 months or so to see what's on and book tickets. It's an awful website design and user experience, but eventually it always worked.

Since the start of February, the site does nothing but freeze on any mobile browser. No showtimes, no films listed, so useless for any practical purpose. I had to book my mobile ticket on a laptop where it worked, albeit after a long wait.

It seems like the site is having difficulty connecting to its own database and filling up RAM in the process, hence the freezing and it only working on a laptop with considerably more memory available.

Anyone else getting this?
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    I had to see what the fuss was about and their website crashed... oh dear.
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    Same here.
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    Haha I found this yesterday looking up lincoln. Couldn't make it work because the stupid cookie message took up the whole screen and I couldn't click it away. Probably trying to save money after being closed for the better part of a year.
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    I booked yesterday on the app without any issues but the website is pain, very poor UI
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    i tried to book some tickets in december i think and the site would not accept my club lloyds voucher and would not release the seats that i had selected but could not proceed to book.

    i used the app, which is much better and worked fine. download the app and use that instead.
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    No showings available it's terrible I noticed that recently too
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    Exactly the same problem I was thinking is my iPhone, other websites working fine so I guess is them
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