of all the 25 deals on page 1, only 4 are not dvd's.

    If you want to post dvd deals all day at least split them into there own 1 single thread


    No they're not
    Edited by: "stewby" 13th Mar 2011

    You have the entertainment only deals selected

    They were when OP posted, I agree that if they are from the same retailer and you have 5+ to post them maybe do them all in one, but most of those were separate so couldn't go in the same thread.

    There's only one now.

    That's the way it goes sometimes

    Today's top five deals are this:

    1334°Buffalo Just Store 500GB Portable Hard D...
    758°Panasonic 3V CR2032 Lithium Batteries - ...
    599°Medieval II: Total War For PC - £2.50 @ ...
    479°FREE PHOTOBOOK @ - £15.95 o.

    The Eggs thread is a marginal saving if any, and is basically just the same three ancient puns repeated ad-nauseum (it kind-of reminds me of that video of a baby being entertained by someone tearing a piece of paper up in a way, the way these people's brains are so unformed that they can be entertained by something so tedious), the harddrive deal has been seen possibly twice in the wild, with possibly as many as one drive actually available to the UK's 60 million-odd residents, the battery deal is deceptively poor, the PC game marks a colossal £1.70 saving over the next-cheapest price, which is great for the people who want it but have never until now felt the urge to buy it (which is quite a feat, considering it's been out five years), and the free photobook thing could actually be alright.

    In short, I want the next two hot deals to be an uzi and and an unlimited travel railcard for the whole of the UK.

    Shows how quick the deals must change then as two minutes later there were virtually no DVDs on the firstpage. The fast paced world o hukd


    No they're not


    You have the entertainment only deals selected

    if its not cds/dvds then we are bombarded with "misprice" deals knowing well they will not be honoured. then you see page after pages of will they deliver, will they not, then crap about taking legal action etc etc

    sad really to see such a great site go down the pan
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