Off to Alton Towers tomorrow - any advice / tips?

Found 6th Jun 2010
Me and my boyfriend are off to Alton Towers tomorrow for two days and one night at the AT Hotel.

Neither of us have ever been before so if anyone has any advice / tips for me, that would be great!

I have ordered some Fastrack tickets for tomorrow and I will see what the queues are like tomorrow / Tuesday morning before deciding if it is worth buying anymore. However, it should be relatively quiet (touch wood) as the kids are back at school and the weather is looking a bit rubbish!

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get there early before gates open, most rides will be fairly quiet then, keep hold of the fastrack tickets till later in the day say after dinner, thats when it be much busier, altho saying that most schools go back 2moro, but best to keep hold of ur fastrack till its busier will save u queing, hope you have a good day there,
go straight to Nemisis and Air, do them first as they are usually the busiest and have really long queues(or get fast passes, cant remember how they work though) and Air often breaks down, then Rita. Havent been on the new ride yet, but may be worth a go. Then Oblivion and the rest...
My advice is to be aware of the large distances between the various theme park areas so plan your day carefully. It is a huge site and the areas are well spread out.

The Forbidden Valley area (with Nemesis, Air etc) is over one side of the park, X-Sector (with Oblivion, Sonic Pinball etc) is over the other side of the park, then Dark Forest (with Rita, Thirteen) is over another side of the park.

It can take quite a while to walk from one area to another so make sure you have done all you want in one area before going to another.

It can, for example, take about 15 minuites to walk from say the Oblivion ride to the Air ride.

You will get wet on The Flume and the Congo River Rapids so either have a towel with you, or go on them just before going back ot the hotel.

>However, it should be relatively quiet (touch wood) as the kids are back at school

I have to say Alton Towers is never quiet, there always seems to be coaches arriving from everywhere.

The park does empty near the end of the day (as the coaches leave) so if you are staying at the hotel you could hang around till near closing time and go on the rides where there is almost no queues.

As you can imagine, at the end of the day there are massive queues for the monorail back to the car park and hotels, so you can either wait till the queues die down, or walk, as it is not that far.

There is a Day Planner here on the alton Towers web site that may help…er/

You can download maps of the site here to help you plan your days.…ps/
If you have fasttrack its probably for nemesis air and oblivion so go straight to where rita and thirteen are and do them before crowds build up. Use your fastracks then and then late in the day you will probably be able to go on some again once the crowds have gone. They close at 6 usually and will keep rides open till then so if you come off a ride at 5 to 6 rush to the nearest other one or the same one and queue again. As long as you are in the queue you will get a go.
We went last wednesday and we rushed to air at about 2 mins to 6 got in the queue and they let us on. They closed the entrance to the ride at the top at 6 so no more could get into the queue.
Have a good time.
Park opens at 9.00am for annual passes and tickets bought online. monorail opens at 8.30am so it's along day. go to Nemesis is my advice then over to oblivion, 15 mins hard walk ,have a great day.
Early Ride Time Please note -rides and attractions:

•Marauder's Mayhem
•Heave Ho!
•Runaway Mine Train
•Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFEis first is my advice then over to thirteen, 15 mins hard walk ,have a great…ts/
Don't eat too much!
Keep money/phone etc in zipped pockets. :thumbsup:
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