Off to Dublin

    Off to Dublin for valentines weekend with the misses.

    Any recommendations for things to do and places to see? Already going to the guiness and jameson factory :op

    Does anyone know of any good deals on food places? like buy one get on free vouchers?

    7 Comments the zoo open? i went in jan, it was still quite fun :oops: .. i loved dublin, hope u n ure OH have a great time!! :thumbsup:

    killmainham gaol

    hope you got plenty of money, hear its gone a bit pricey nowadays.

    Yeah, 5 quid a pint :lol:


    we did that last year, I slipped in the shower and broke 2 toes...don't do that, Dublin on crutches is rubbish!

    Beware that the week after Valentines is half term for school so things like Zoo etc will be packed-was for us.

    The bus tours are excellent and you can get some real funny drivers who really entertain as they drive. The tickets are valid for 24 hours, so we bought ours about 2pm, did the tour to Guinness, tour back to the centre and then the tour once more the next day as it was valid until 2pm. Great value. They believe st Valentine is actually buried in Dublin too so that could be a cultural visit?

    Avoid temple bar unless thats really your thing, it's all very staged and not particularly authentic Ireland. However saying that the Ardlington Hotel on the Liffey has a great Irish dancing set each night and I can particularly recommend their Guinness and steak pie!!! Fantastic!!


    "Any recommendations for things to do"


    Sorry, had to be said.

    The Euro is terrible at the moment, so you'll find everything is quite expensive A trip to the Zoo would be nice though, Dublin Zoo is cool.

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    thanks to everyone for their comments, I fancy the guiness and steak pie!
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