Off to Eudrodisney on Saturday.

    Hi all. I am off to Eurodisney on Saturday for half term. Is there anything I should be aware of?? We are going half board and staying in Seqoia Lodge. What are the prices like for food? Anywhere I shouldn't go? Anything a must see?
    Also I am planning to go to Paris for the day what is the best way to get there from Disney??
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    there are lots of French people there, food is very expensive

    stock up on bread and ham at breakfast time ...lunch is very expensive in Disney and you will be glad you have hidden supplies in your bag!!!

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    there are lots of French people there, food is very expensive

    Hahhahahahahaha! Very funny. Thought there might be! My daughter wanted to know if we had to speak American when we are there! It took a while to realise that the thought had come from the fact that the Disney channel is American!! Strange girl!!!

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    the food inside the park is very expensive and not very good....although … the food inside the park is very expensive and not very good....although there is a mcdonads..which was the only thing my daughter would eat.....make sure that you get to the area you want to stand in for the parades early..otherwisse you cant see anything..we were there about 30/45 mins before.......have fun...we loved it when we went last year xx

    Great tip. Thanks for that!! Looks like Macdonalds for the week then!!! Nice!

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    stock up on bread and ham at breakfast time ...lunch is very expensive in … stock up on bread and ham at breakfast time ...lunch is very expensive in Disney and you will be glad you have hidden supplies in your bag!!!

    Love it! Will have to take advantage of the continental breakfast then! Thanks for that!

    >Is there anything I should be aware of??

    Yes, it is not called EuroDisney any more.

    In fact it has not been called EuroDisney since the mid 90s (1994/95).

    It is now Disneyland Resort Paris.…ris

    We ate at Annette Diner very nice and not too expensive

    we went in february-for food see mcds as the rest is burgers etc at stupid prices. Save some brekkie for sure as no probs taking into parks-or drinks.
    we found when parade was on was the best time to get on the most busy rides! just be sure to get on the right side of the cordon...
    fast-track is good for some rides, but you need to review what is on fast-track and work round it..son loved the cinemagique and animagique shows-and the stunt cars(all in walt disney world, which we loved more!)
    Rail line is from the entrance of Disney-didnt go to Paris but looked simple to do.
    at la vallee there is a huge supermarket-you can get your drinks and extra food or just look at the shops?

    We went 3 years ago (so it might have changed a bit) and stayed in the same place.

    Hotel great-look out for times when the charactors arrive at the hotel for a 'Meet & Greet'-you can see them easier (there were 2 each night when we were there) because there are fewer people.

    Also, before you do anything else-buy an autograph book-as everytime you see a charactor all the kids run over for an autograph-they love it-and take a spare pen so there are no tears if you drop and lose one !

    Food wise, we found it dear too-someone had warned us-so i took little boxes of raisins, cereal bars and a couple of tubes of pringles in the suitcase/bag with us to help with snacks during they day (mainly when queueing for rides).

    Something else someone said to us was to start at the back of the park-everyone goes to the first ride they see, so they are busier-if you walk to the rides at the back when the park opens they have much shorter queues.

    And make use of the 'Fast Pass' system-also they do a thing where you can share a space-eg. if a dad queues for a ride and goes on it-you can go to the front of the queue as a mum if he then takes the children (hope that makes sense), so that you don't both have to start at the back of the queue !

    I'd better stop before i take over the whole thread !

    Have a great time-its magical !

    If you are staying halfboard then you won't be needing a full lunch so make the most of the many snack bars. At the american style diner at the end of Main Street a jumbo hot dog, packet of crisps and a drink is less than 5 euros. There is also a pizza place which is reasonable, avoid the restaurant chains outside the park in Disney Village (very expensive). I disagree with the above posters about expensive food, there are plenty of cheap food places inside the park. It is certainly no more expensive than anywhere else in France!

    My aunty and uncle came back yesterday with their twin 10yr olds. They had a really good time, and said that they didnt really have to queue up for long or anything.

    Most of the signs and stuff are in french (since its disney they expected english, even though its in france) and the food/drink was really expensive. They said if you dont stick to a budget you could easily spend a lot more than you were planning on

    Oh and they said the character breakfast wasnt really worth it, since the kids didnt eat anything, and you see the same characters all over the park (so you are paying more for food they arent eating, and then have to buy food later as they are hungry)

    re expensive food-we found the cheaper places sold cheap food-i.e the hotdog and drink for 5 euros.
    There was an irish lady staying when we were there said it was similar prices to ireland and spent a lot! she took her two kids (i.e one adult two kids) for a meal. They had a burger with fries each, and then some type of dessert-i think she said kids had bannoffee and her ice-cream-3 drinks-cost 70euros.
    Also BEST TIP!!!!! if your kids like to dress up gp tp Asda or Tesco etc and buy costumes for in the suitcase...they are expensive there and everywhere...

    Annettes is nice and there is a buffet too think its above the cowboy style bar sorry cant rember name.
    Also dont even think o being british and queing for the bendy bus noone ques just barges on be organised make sure you know who has a child bag etc and go go go!!!

    have fun x
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