Off to France next week, wheres the cheapest place to buy fags?

After either Marlboro Lights or Benson & Hedges.

Does anyone know how much they are in Belgium? Was told there cheaper there but don't know by how much.

Bit of a strange post on here I know but I just like my bargains:thumbsup:

Many thanks.


Quit smoking, that's the cheapest

(unless of course, you're looking to sell these on),

will be similar prices in most places most probably, governments over there dont charge extreme amounts of tax of cigarettes, even though saying this, it causes the nhs millions of pounds, will cause some tension.

agreed will billybob though.

yeah you need to go to belgium realy, adinkerke, its only about 35 minutes drive from when you get off tunnel/boat.

Cheapest place is Luxumbourg. They have very minimal taxing there. Only problem is that it's a 4 or 4 1/2 hour drive to get there so only worth it if you are buying loads. Otherwise the best place is, as already mentioned by Moonie, Andinkerke, just over the Belgian border. It's very easy to get to and a good bit cheaper than France (as is the diesel, though diesel is still much cheaper in France than here).

For current prices on booze, baccy and fags check this site out ]http//ww…et/

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