Off to Scotland Next Week - oh what to do with ourselves?!

Me and my OH are off to Scotland next week for a few nights. Perth Monday Night, Edinburgh Tuesday and Falkirk Wednesday Night. All cheapy Travelodge rooms! Whoop Whoop!

However, we're looking for things to do! We'll check out St Andrews on the Monday and have a wander around after the fairly long journey up, and we're considering a snoop around Glasgow to look at some of the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who my OH studied for a short time.

But other than this, we're not sure what to do or where to go! Ideally, we'd like not to spend too much or else it will take away from the bargainous of the cheap hotel but if it's gona be worthwhile we can spend a few bob. Anything special on up in Bonnie Scotland?

All help, very much appreciated!


Try and find the lochness monster?

edinburgh castle is awesome, also got loads of night walks around edinburgh! i reccomend mark kings close!
and the falkirk wheel is good too

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Try and find the lochness monster?

I'll give you a ring when we do.

edinburgh castle is awesome, also got loads of night walks around … edinburgh castle is awesome, also got loads of night walks around edinburgh! i reccomend mark kings close!and the falkirk wheel is good too

Falkirk Wheel looks really good. Will go and see that for sure. Thanks for the heads up on that, some rep for you.

In Edinburgh, Arthur's Seat has to be climbed. You can be up and down in thirty minutes if you're in a rush, but you'll want to stay a while at the top because you get a cracking view of all of the city. If you feel suitably geeky and have the appropriate tools, there's a good enough mobile phone signal up the top of Arthur's Seat that you can load GoogleMaps up and see everything before you from above.

Besides that, the walk along the Water Of Leith is magic, especially the stretch from the Haymarket entry point to the bottom of Stockbridge. There's one patch near the two art galleries that's magic, although it's maybe a little early in the year to see it in bloom.

In Perth, there's a pretty nice Asda and there's a shop that sells really nice buns, but that's about it.

Glasgow -
Botanic Gardens -…htm
with, nearby
Kelvingrove Park -…htm which has a rather good art gallery in it too
the City Centre is nice to walk around in, shopping is great and window shopping is not bad at all either.

Definately try kelvingrove art gallery, near by transport museum, then back to glasgow city centre to willow tea rooms for crm interest.

also try the ghost tour in edinburgh :thumbsup:

When i was six years old my brother married a scottish girl. I was bridesmaid. They took me to see Edinburgh castle while I was there. 30 yrs later I can still remember how gorgeous that castle is.. go visit it!

i went to edinburgh zoo last monday and i would defo recommend this it was an excellent day out

The perth travelodge is on the outskirts of perth- easy to find. beside one of those "I'm sitting at table 23" type places- has service but food quite expensive for the tat it is. also beside a park and ride and a big petrol station, so you can stock up on sweets etc.

Also you could try Lomond shores at Loch Lomond. :thumbsup:

The best attraction in Scotland weather permitting is the Blair Drummond safari park just out side Stirling, have been there many times, kids love it.

Skiing.........snowball fighting etc :giggle: :oops:

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Some great suggestions there. Just a couple of pointers!

Safari/Zoos etc, we've been to quite a few over the past couple of years. Something we enjoy and nice to go out for the day to but not an activity I'd look to do. Want to see Scotland!

Loch Lomond Shores looks really nice, but it's a bit far from where we're staying especially as it's a relatively short trip. Would consider another break up in Scotland, and maybe try and see that next time.

I've been to Edinburgh before, and seen the castle, but not inside. Think it might be a trip inside this time. Is it something to occupy a day, or a couple of hours or a 15 minute look around? Not found any vouchers yet! lol. Have been on the Ghost Tours before when I went last time, I enjoyed it but my OH wouldn't!

Arthurs Seat looks good. Bit of exercise and a reward at the top with a good view! Water Of Leith sounds nice, trying to find a bit more information on it though and where to stop and which direction etc.

Thanks all for suggestions. Feel free to fire anymore over. Have left rep for all helpful suggestions!

Here's a little map of Water Of Leith, or at least the good part of it

1 = Haymarket Station. Various buses go there or near it from Princes Street, the 3, 33, 25, 26, 44, various others. If you're taking a bus, £3 gets you a day ticket for all day travel, although you have to stick to Lothian buses. Me, I'd just walk it. Central Edinburgh is pretty small, and it's very scenic. Some well nice birds around, too.

2 = The corner of Douglas Crescent. Move the little orange Streetview Man there to get a ground-level view of it. Here's the best place to enter the WoL. Walking north (btw, Edinburgh's great for directions - if you're in city centre and you can see the sea and land on the other side of it, the land is Fife, and you're facing north) along Palmerston you'll pass an epic cathedral which is currently covered in rennovation junk. Walk down the steps, walk towards Stockbridge. As memory serves, I think it's about 1.25 miles to walk.

3 = the WoL access point opposite a Travelodge hotel. You'd do well to exit here and walk up the hill, because at the top, you have Edinburgh's two biggest art galleries on opposite sides of the street from each other. I guess the missus might enjoy this.

4 = the end of the WoL, and deep in Stockbridge. The grey pixels over the water are the bridge itself, and that's probably the best place to get off. Stockbridge is a really nice area. There's various restraunts and pubs in the area if you fancy a beer and some scran.

From there, it's an easy walk or bus ride back into town. There's a cobbled uphill road at the junction at Stockbridge which any bus going along will take you back into Princes Street, or at least George Street, which is where all the Princes Street buses have been divereted along.

It's been pretty warm and sunny up here for the last couple of weeks. It should be ace.

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That's an amazing help, thanks so much. We're staying in Edinburgh Dreghorn, so will most likely need to drive into Edinburgh. Last time, we parked in a big multi storey which I think was quite expensive!

Is it all like that, or is there somewhere else you'd recommend to park?
(I'll also apologise now. The weather is good, but will most likely change by next week. I'd blame 2 English people coming up if I were you. )

You could always go through to stirling (bout 25 min drive from falkirk)

See stirling castle/banockburn (FREEDOM!!!!!! :viking: ) and the Walace monument?

Or pop through to Linlithgow its a lovley little town with a palace bout 10 minutes away form where you'll be staying
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