Posted 16th Nov 2017
I would like to hear your independent opinions please.

There must have been at least 5 different people, over periods of time, that have asked me to paint properties in off white and when I reply that I want the properties to be painted in magnolia, their replies are exactly the same each time, so it would appear to be a common theme.

The replies I get are that off white makes the rooms look brighter and fresh. Off white makes the rooms look bigger and gives the property a modern look. That magnolia makes the rooms look dull and small and is old fashioned.

My personal opinion is that magnolia is a practical colour which does not make a room look smaller or dull. It is more sympathetic to scuff marks and takes longer to look tired in comparison to off white.

If you were to paint your own property, and bear in mind you will be responsible for future redecoration, and you only had the choice between off white and magnolia for the walls, which colour would you choose and why?
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