Offered a XBOX 360 - is it a good deal? Advice please.

    I just wanted to ask some advice. Someone I know is offering me an XBOX 360 elite with 2 controllers, and 3 games (PES 08, Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones). It is brand new and boxed. The person worked at Woolworths and bought it on the very last day before it closed so I'm guessing they got it quite cheap in comparison to the RRP.
    It's being offered to me for £200. I just wanted to know whether this is a reasonable price considering the games aren't too great. Or are there similarly priced deals out there already which presumably will get better.

    I appreciate your help, thanks!


    good deal if it comes with the 120 hard drive

    yes, a m8 got one from woolies a week before they closed and paid 160, guessing to staff on the last day, it would have been sold quite a bit cheaper than that too..

    I would say yes and infact lego indiana jones is a very great game as I'm playing it now my self, keeps you entertained for a few weeks, kung fu panda yet still is a pretty good game

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    Thanks for the replies! They were helpful. It's good to hear that the games are actually entertaining on their own. I just didn't think they were premium sort of titles which I could maybe pick up with some of the bundles.
    It's the 120gb hard drive version and I've managed to negotiate him down to £175 so it's more than likely I'll be buying it. Any opinions? Or any similar deals around?

    for £175 I'd snap the hand off him for that. Go for it.
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