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    Hi there!

    I am new here and not sure if i have submitted this correctly. But i wanted to find out where I could get the best fashion deals for newborn babies. My brother had his first child and she is a month old.

    I quite like adams kids ( products and outfits section:…tml…tml

    Is there any where else that has as good an outfits and character variety?


    [url][/url] is great

    try ethal austin..they do have some good stuffs for babies at reasnoable prices.

    alternatively, the onlince shop [url][/url] does some nice items too although prices can be pricey.

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    Hey thanks for the quick replies. i checked out ethal austin, they have a small range it seems. i went to babies and toddlers section and there seems to be about 11 products? Is that right?

    I went here:…ent

    Asda have some lovely its at the moment, or boots have there sale still on i think although i didn pick up a pink top with "daddys girl" on it for £3 and i know the wear well

    all good for newborn/young baby clothes
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