Office 2007

    Just browsing through some work emails, turns out I can have office 2007 for £17.31 delivered as my employer has some agreement with Microsoft (Home Use Program) I have Office 2003 on my laptop, and office xp on my PC. Is it worth the upgrade? 17 quid seems well cheap.

    Any advice?

    (future HUKD quiz champ)


    [COLOR=royalblue]At that price I would like to know some more as well.[/COLOR]


    Yup mate its defo work it especially for that price! I got it its great...

    I have both and uninstalled 2007 in order to go back to 2003. If you are a power user of MS Office then you will be able to quickly and easily make use of the Office 2003 programs. Office 2007 creates a completely new interface and way of working which is ideal for occasional users or people just starting out but requires power users to completely relearn how to use it. I gave it a whole month and was still nowhere near as quick using 2007 as I was with 2003. For me, and any power user, it is a complete waste of time.
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