Office chairs in stock at Ryman - Topcashback available

Posted 22nd May
So, this is not a deal - there is no discount, but they actually have office chairs available for those of us working from home.

The chair I posted is what I am sat on now and is really comfortable. It's not a £25 Argos one (good luck getting a chair there - I looked!), but I want something comfortable which will last 10 years, not something which will be good for lockdown and then thrown in the skip - no offense implied if that is what you do want

The model I link to is made and shipped from a UK manufacturer called Eliza Tinsley - It's a good time to be buying local and lets be honest, getting stuff from overseas is a whole lot more challenging today than it was a few months ago!

Cheaper and more expensive in stock if you want to channel your inner Gordon Gekko.…air
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