Office of Fair Trading scrutinizes online supermarkets

BBC has a very interesting article regarding the questions that have been raised regarding in-store and online price discrepancies.

Read the article news.bbc.co.uk/1/h…stm here

Apparently the OFT is examining four areas of concern:
higher-than-advertised prices
charging for a premium product and supplying a regular item;
higher prices charged for online purchases than in-store items
and whether websites are used to off-load food close to the sell-by date.

I for one have suspected the last point in my experience with Sainsbury's (yes - I should have noted that I wanted my groceries as fresh as possible, but should that not be taken for granted to some extent?). Both my milk and my cheese were very close to expiry when they arrived. The cheese that I had ordered had been replaced with the cheese that was a day away from expiry... suspect that the cheese I ordered probably was in stock - but they just needed to unload this one! fishy..:?

What do you think - have any of you noticed pricing differences (online as opposed to instore)? Would love to hear any thoughts...

- acecatcher3


The only real thing that annoys me is that the prices varies to what it says on the website when you actually make the purchase

Iceland is the best, just a shame they don't stock more items. They always substitute with better stuff if they haven't got an item.

Tesco have been very good also. Their fruit + veg is very fresh + use by dates are generally five days ahead at least.

Could depend on where you live I suppose, as all the items from these two come direct from the nearest store normally.

Original Poster

Well I have a delivery from Iceland slated for delivery on Tuesday, so I have high hopes for it

I recall in a recent Which? Magazine online shops were discussed. I remember the, swapping somethin yellow and totally unrelated for a banana.. will have to look up what it was! (Okado i think)

I can see why the supermarkets would want to offload their stock that's closest to the sellby date, but when you're shopping online the person collecting the goods should be acting as if they were the shopper not the employee of the supermarket.

I think Tesco is the best as they keep items with a longer use by dates.

Another piece of advice on ordering for Christmas. You can make an order with Tesco for the week ending 23rd December now.

If you change your mind, want to alter your items in your order or cancel the order. You can do this up until about 2.00am on the morning of delivery. But it gives you that saved date of delivery, so you don't miss out + delivery times are running out fast!
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