office secret santa

    i have £10 to spend on works annual secret santa present. this year we are going to do a raffle style giving so I am not buying for any one person. what would you get? the office is a mix from mid 50's to early 20' in age. just curious to see what you would buy.


    a dildo…tml

    I bought this for mine, same format. It came with a free app and it went down quite well, hilarious to see the 50+ accounts lady with a VR headset on too X)

    At Wyevale Garden Centres they are selling a Santa driving an old classic car. Its basically a tin with Cream fudge. The tin has moveable wheels. Selling for £10.49?

    a else?

    We bought one of these for a secret santa. Fun and practical. Comes with its own litter tray

    [url=gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLPVq7iK5NACFZAR0wodG3ILjg]Your text here[/url]

    You have to get Racing Sperm...…tml

    You also used to be able to pick them up from Selfridges
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    fart in a cup?
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