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    I dont know if anyone has bought anything from here but there is a sale on Office on shoes. Desperately need a pair and have seen some on the website, but whenever i go into the stores there is like one stand for men and like 5 or 6 for women lol. Does anyone know if delivery is free on the site? Or the best office to go with most stock? Have been to Kingston, Wimbledon and Croydon and none of the ones i saw on the site have been there.

    Thanks for any help

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    Postage is £3.50.

    This is a long story so I'll try and cut it as short as I can.

    Firstly I went into office store and sliced my finger open on a pair of shoes whilst trying them on, the assistant appologised and said I could have 20% off anything, there was nothing I wanted so I left the shop.

    Later that day I visited the website and placed an order for a pair of £30 sandals, I emailed them and asked if I could have the 20% off these and told them about the incident in the office store. I had an email back saying this particular girl had passed on my message to her manager. I then had a few rather rude messages back.

    I then complained about the messages and the new person looking at my case said it was mid conduct and appologised. Said I could have 25% off my order.

    I recieved my shoes and they had taken £30.00 out of my account - no discount given, had to wait a further 3 days before £4.88 was put back in my account, I questioned it but was told that I was already given free p+p so they took the £33.50 total order ammount and took the 25% off, I had already had the £3.50 therefore the £4.88 was the remainder of the money.

    Today another pair of shoes turn up. The same ones. Not shipped from middlesex like the first pair, shipped from Edinburgh. Had to do a postcode / address search then a phone number search, got in touch with them and they couldn't do anything about it.

    Had since checked my bank and the money is going out again plus now I'll get a £30 overdraft charge and nothing can be done til monday.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend this company.
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