Official "Bejewelled Blitz 2" Score Thread

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Found 20th Jan 2010
Anyone else here addicted to it, please post your scores - screenshot required.

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post a link to d/load it please

can't do it using the lappy need a darn mouse!!!

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post a link to d/load it please

'tis on facebook

Can't get a high score, drives me mad. My sister regularly gets over 200,000 but I struggle to get over 50,000. I swear she is cheating but she won't admit it.

Have just been searching the net for ways of getting a higher score but not having much look there either.

over 3 million, will post pic later.

Not going to post a screenshot.... i have got: 423, 600

My best was last weeks, 483,300 dont think il get much better than that for a while

I got 574,550 last night!

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not much proof about.

0 its a girls game

my highest is 9,999,999! This thread is a bit daft without people providing proof.

Actual highest...on ipod touch logged in as my friend(as i dont have facebook) is currently 178,000(ish).

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just got 282K, but forgot to hit print screen in the excitement.

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Well Done Chris :thumbsup:

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Well Done Chris :thumbsup:

PMSL - Well spotted - My cover is blown

My best was 2million, but that was when I cheated :P ( had to beat someone hehe )

Otherwise 200,000! boooo!

So i win yea? :-D

Just got 507,350 :w00t: Pretty happy with that like

Ahh just cheat haha, anyone play Tetris friends?

Just pulled out a 632,400! WITHOUT CHEATING!
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