Did anyone feel that earthquake?

    Nottingham was shaking... I crapped myself.


    Yep in the w.midlands too!

    wow, i just thought my ass was havin a spaz

    yeah in north west liverpool i bloody ******* one


    And you thought you'd come and tell us about it, rather than go clean yourself up?!? :w00t:

    Thought it was just me. felt it about 12:55 Sheffield

    Had the shakes in Leeds

    me too! derbyshire


    Yep got it in north west london

    Yeah felt that here in Norwich too :O whole house was shaking!

    nothing in Glasgow

    yep freaked me out in doncaster! had to get up for a fag!
    glad my lcd tv wasnt on the wall!!!
    thought some chuffer was shaking the front door but then stuff fell off walls and rattled everywhere here

    yep had it in sheffield

    Just felt it in halifax, wet my pants OMG!!


    bloody eck that frightened me to death, im actually shaking here:oops:

    Shake in Middlesbrough. Scary!!! Bet that was nothing too, probably about 3 on the scale.

    i didnt feel nothing lol.

    same here in worksop woww not felt anything like that for 6yrs or so

    Yep, seems like it must have been fairly big (by UK standards) considering the distance between these places. Lasted about 4-6 seconds I guess.

    must be a northern earthquake!!!

    yep in lancashire, felt it too, very scary!

    Original Poster


    must be a northern earthquake!!!

    friend felt it in suffolk.

    Ahhhhh Save The Children!

    Didn't feel anything down in South East London. I'm off to switch the tv on, see if there's anything on the news about it. Must have been a fairly big one to have been felt over such a large area. Sounds like there's going to be a big clean-up job now what with all the pooing and cr*pping and wetting oneself going on!!


    Ahhhhh Save The Children!

    my daughter nearly fell off her bunk bed!

    may have been a pre-quake. Big one to come? :-P

    Pretty scary in York, wonder where epicenter is?

    I felt it, I thought my leg was having a spasm or something as my monitor was shaking like hell.... This is the second one ive felt in my 29 years on this earth.



    may have been a pre-quake. Big one to come? :-P

    dunna say that, guys you will have to stay on now:oops:

    ud think with all the technology thats out that, they we could of at least be WARNED!

    Anyone found any bargain underpants, lol, might need some.

    felt it here in Northampton

    Here in Scarborough too. Very frightening. Thought the roof would come down on me.

    nowt on the news are we imaganing it

    on sky news now

    Original Poster

    LATEST: Reports of tremor felt in West Midlands area. More soon.


    Sky News - Breaking News - Tremors felt in Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk.

    Ignore that.....

    Are all news studios built on sponges or something.... couldnt they feel it... there 13 minutes late.

    This thread is moving so fast.

    yes- here in Lincolnshire - bloody big bang and the whole house shook ,ceilings and floors -frightened the ---- out of me !!!
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