Official ipad thread

    I'm sure there was an iPad thread before or maybe I am thinking about another site.

    Anyway, seeing how all the good iPad deals have been getting a good response lately, I thought to create a thread where all the iPad users can post. Let us see a picture of you're iPad background or post good apps that you like/find helpful.

    I will start,
    ipad - 16GB 3g/wifi model,
    Favourite apps - Facebook, angry birds and mobile rss free. Just these 3 so far, only had it a day lol. Will update it as I go.

    Wallpaper - One of the built in standar ones, but I like it so see no reason to change it yet.


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    Uploaded with

    The mrs has got me an ipad for xmas. So this thread is perfect for me to find out the best apps

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    Yeah Im loving it such a hand thing

    I'm getting mine for christmas will be needing inspiration

    I am getting one for Christmas too. I have been thinking about getting an anti-glare screen protector for it. Anyone bought one they can recommend? Is a normal screen protector good enough? Thanks

    Is there still anyone in here?

    I am on mine finally, has anyone come across a nice wall mount? I am also after a decent data plan

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    Apparently tmobile are doing one £20 for 6 months internet - see here -…tml
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