Official Playstation Magazine £12.47 for 6 months - Requires QUIDCO

    I posted this deal a month back as £19.47 for a 6 month subscription.

    I'm re-posting because at the time I wasn't sure Quidco would honour the £7 reward for a magazine subscription. I've just got confirmation from Qudico that the £7 has been honoured so the subscription is only £12.47.

    Direct Link is

    This is what I did, go through the Quidco link as usual then add the '/pomp15' on to the address in the address bar when the my favourite magazine homepage opens.

    Christmas Present?


    Very good deal. Thanks a lot. :).

    have voucher code?


    Moved to Misc as it's a quidco based deal

    any chance you can re-post the link? Since the mod has moved to misc there is no link or company name. Cheers.

    From the old

    Good man!

    Original Poster


    Moved to Misc as it's a quidco based deal

    Thats a little harsh, it's not a quidco based deal, it's still 50% off the full price before the Quidco reward.

    It's still a deal


    I don't think you're allowed to post deals showing the price after quidco.

    topcashback £7.07

    Just received the £7 from Quidco. Thanks again for posting the deal.
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