Official PS4 controller £25 @ Tesco

Found 10th Mar 2015
Because of a mess up in their warehouse Tesco have sent me the dual shock 4 wireless controller three times instead of the charging stand that I originally wanted in the link.

Not sure if they have resolved this yet but if they haven't then a controller for £25 is a steal!
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link to the charging stand?
PS4 controller for £25... Hot.
Chance of getting a lump of plastic that replaces a £1 USB cable for £25..... Cold.
I bought an official PS4 charger for less than £10 off fee bay last week, but if you get a free one good going :-)
Yea I got sent three controllers after trying to order the charger stand 3 times. If they end up sending you the charger just refuse delivery and get a refund. Someone post here if they have any luck!
Tesco get so many things wrong and I see why they lose money, shame they don't!
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