Official Real Madrid Shirt for 5-6 yrd old

    Hi folks. I'm looking for an official Real Madrid shirt to fit a 5-6 year old. Thought I would get this from JJB but apparently they don't take foreign shirts in for as young as I need. I went and told my little nephew I'd get him this for his Christmas and apart from flea bay, where they are probably not official stuff, I can't seem to get unless from the official website for Real Madrid, and they're obviously not the cheapest around. Any pointers will be very much appreciated. x



    the247sale shirts look like "unofficial". You should be able to get the same shirts cheaper on Ebay direct from Hong Kong rather than paying a Channel Island importer.

    If he's only 5 or 6, is he really going to know whether it's an "official" Real Madrid shirt or not? Most of the shirts on Ebay probably come from the same Chinese factory as the official shirts.

    Why not get him a proper shirt? ]Here

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    Why not get him a proper shirt? ]Here

    LOL!! If it was up to me then I would but don't think it would be appreciated unfortunately!! :-D
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