Official Saw V poster

Found 28th Jun 2008
Poster & info below, warning Saw IV spoiler!
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The "Saw" franchise is now on its fifth installment and at this point everyone has either seen or heard of this series. At least that's what Lionsgate thinks, since they didn't even both putting the film's title on the poster for "Saw V." Instead, we are shown a man wearing Jigsaw's face as a mask.

In the upcoming movie, forensics expert Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) goes on the hunt in order to protect the secret that he is the newest person to carry on Jigsaw's legacy. I guess that's what the poster is referring to.

"Saw V" will not be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed the second, third and fourth installments. Instead, he is replaced by David Hackl, who will be making his directorial debut. Hackl was Bousman's assistant director on the last two films and a production designer on the last three. The new movie is scheduled to hit theaters on October 24th.

lets just hope its not a load of ****

lets just hope its not a load of ****

i guess ive just found out why dangergod got suspended:thumbsup:
cool another Saw movie. Hope this one is as good as the others.

edit: from wikipedia "According to director David Hackl, one trap that has been constructed for Saw V can potentially kill the actor meant to be placed in it. A paramedic will be required to be ready while filming"
"A total of 7 traps are planned for the film. The 'grand finale' trap, or final test, was created by a young boy, who was 7 at the time he drew it (David Hackl's son Sean Hackl). These traps have been described as the most terrifying and disturbing traps of the whole series, according to Hackl"
It is a teaser - the real poster will have the title and all.
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