Official Wireless SNES gamepads for Nintendo Switch available. £26.99 + £8.90 shipping

Posted 30th Sep 2019
OK, not much of a "deal" per se, and the delivery charge is daylight robbery, but these things will sell out in a couple days max. Grab them while they are still available…668
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From the Nintendo site

"We're aware that some users are having difficulty ordering the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for Super NES - Nintendo Switch Online, even though they qualify for purchase. We're looking into it and apologise for any inconvenience."


"Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers. A small amount of additional stock will be added soon, and we are still investigating the purchasing issues some users experienced. Please stay tuned for updates."

That is nice of Nintendo to add an additional small amount of stock, they best hold them until they fix this issue as I still cannot purchase one!
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