Official Xbox Controller S?

    I've got an incredible wireless Xbox pad (the Neo S) which is the nicest pad ever, but I need a wired backup in case the batteries run out or something.

    I bought a pad from Ebay but it's almost certainly a fake, so ideally I'd like a cheap deal for an official controller from a reputable store if possible. Thanks!


    ]This place seems to have it for £24.99 delivered. Cheapest i could find. Cant you find any on ebay for cheaper than that?

    if the fake works, why don't you just use it anyway now that you've gone to the trouble to buy it?

    if it doesn't work, or you're unhappy that it's a fake, contact the seller and demand a refund.

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    Many thanks paceCETTA but that's a little more than I wanted to spend, especially since you can sometimes buy an Xbox nowdays for little more than that!

    The fake one's wierd, the d-pad is absolutely terrible, the right analogue sometimes sticks and now there's a small tear in the analogue stick. To be honest, the left analogue stick, buttons and triggers are all great which are the things I use the most, but when trying to navigate through XBMC for example it's an absolute nightmare with the d-pad.

    go to your local gamestation...they usually are full with xbox controllers hope it helps.:thumbsup:
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