Offline option for mobile when on the go?


    I was wondering.. there are many occasions that when im out with the misses and on rare occasions i get bored in town i have a wonder on hukd with the mobile. would like to check relevant stores on the highstreet without searching for each specific shop..

    So my question is.. is there a button or could there be made a button on the mobile home pages for "offline" deals only? or rather.. exclude online deals only button? not sure if one can do that on the mobile yet bcos i havent had THAT much time to play around on the phone when im bored.. lol


    I think it would be a good idea if the mobile site was designed with this more in mind - it would be awesome to have a store filter at the top of the mobile site.. that way if i'm in town and i'm in argos or something i can quickly check out what's hot in argos..

    +1.....hear what your saying would be much better and easier

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    lol no replies from the people upstairs?
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