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    Englishman wins Irish race case

    Colleagues said "send the Brit in" if dangerous work arose, he complained
    An English pipe fitter has been awarded 20,000 euro (£15,630) in compensation after being racially abused in his Irish workplace.

    The man, who was based in Dublin, complained that colleagues had taunted him because of where he came from.

    They would say "send the Brit in" to clear the way if they had to enter potentially dangerous spaces at work.

    Negative reports about England's performance in the 2006 World Cup were also read aloud in his presence.

    He said some colleagues never spoke to him and others deliberately sang Irish songs of a political nature in his presence.

    The man, who asked to remain anonymous, told an equality tribunal that shortly after joining the firm in April 2006 the abuse reached a point where he ate lunch in his car instead of the canteen.


    He claimed that two months after starting work he was made redundant instead of a less experienced Irish worker because he was British.

    The tribunal was told another worker said "the Brit should be sacked and an Irishman should not be let go" when the issue arose.

    He said his supervisor was intimidating and had joined in with the abuse.

    The company denied allegations of harassment and said the man had never complained to his site manager about abuse.

    It also said the man was laid off because he had less service than other workers on the site.

    The equality tribunal found the man was racially harassed and said some of the acts complained about were of a blatant and intimidatory nature.

    But it ruled the man was not chosen for redundancy because of his nationality.

    thinking of taking a case against tesco - they sell 'thick irish sausages'


    all completely bonkers ! whatever next ?

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    a hairy assed fitter -woosie -

    I don't think this is a trivial matter, coming from Northern Ireland I understand only how badly you can be treated down south if they even notice your accent or your number plate. Imagine having to deal with that every single day?

    I've had the car spat on, had shop owners refuse to speak english even though they were previously speaking english to other customers, had stones thrown at the car, completely blanked in shops etc, mostly in smaller towns rahter than the city. He was just unlucky of course as I realise not everyone behaves so badly and of course there are idiots like that everywhere in the world before anyone takes my comments the wrong way.
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