Oh dear - looks like my 5 year old Samsung TV is on the way out + missed black friday

    should I wait until boxing day sales or bite now? (lol think of me watching my 17" laptop for TV on christmas day!)


    Depends on how you're doing with funds

    What's wrong with your tv

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    On start-up it has lines down the screen - this goes away after a short time, but increasingly longer

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    LOL Hooked - I'm as everyone is with funds......aboots 0! Worst part is that I'm going already booked to go to Germany in January so trying to conserve funds for that!!!!!! Best part is that my German lass's TV is working lol

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    Damn blast - it not playing at all now - no picture coming on

    EDIT - it came on eventually but I'm still donald ducked I think - no cure for flatsceens?
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    Good suggestion think in my situation - thank you

    ask a friend to lend you one perhaps?

    Could just buy a old tube one from charity shop or ebay , you could probably get one for about £20 . Not ideal but will do while you wait till you can afford one .
    Or just get one on buy now pay in 12 months that way you got a year to get the funds together (or face stupid intrest)
    But tbh I don't think your missing much , Xmas tv sucks

    My tv has the same problem lines going down screen, but lines disappear when tv heats up. It can be fixed for about 80-90 quid. We bought a tv in the sales but we are waiting until January until we fix this one

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    I'm in that situation lla and will probably do the long as it lasts until Jan - it was an expensive TV I had back in the day, but no point in spending on it.

    or you could try freecycle in your area, lots of people tend to give their old tv away when upgrading to flatscreen

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    Kindly suggestion onepinkbit but I think I was really sussing-out whether it was worth fixing and/or was likely to last to the January sales when the one of the 3 Mastercards that didn't get a battering via the Amazon £5 thing can take it's turn!

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    32" I'm afraid ytro - about bathroom size!
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