Oh Im so peeved off!! Wanna Help???

    Hi all Ive got 2 assignments to hand in for tuesday, Ive just finished one now Im on number 2... I just dont get it...

    Anyone done chemistry????

    How do you weigh mols into grams<

    Ive googled but my mind aint functioning

    God!! What a life Saturday Night and Im at home doing assignments..!!!!!


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    something here but i have no idea

    Thanks mate but that just tells me what they are not how to convert.!!!

    I did AS level, did that stuff if your still stuck I can give it a try see if I remember how to convert them.
    Avogadro constant 6.02 x 10^23

    From memory Chesso is the expert on this stuff or i may have early onset madness
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    From memory Chesso is the expert on this stuff

    Thanks Boothy (old age is already taking its toll though, so I will only be able to answer such questions for another 6 months or so :D).

    I have answered in the OPs other thread!…536

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    Yeah Thanks sorry I posted this first but it was waiting mods approval so I didnt know if it would be posted or not hence posted again!!

    work out the molecular mass, and then times by the number of moles you have. That will convert it into grams.
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