Oh im terrible!!!!

    I just thought i would tell u all, i been to slimming world gained 2.5lb and ended up pigging like mad at the pub bburger and chips and had to many pints...some might say wrong for a ladyt to drink pints, but i have had few tooooooooooo many hehehehehe!!!


    well you're laughing, so as long as your happy that is what's important

    Original Poster

    I am very happppppppppy lol....hubby thinks its highly amuising i come home after a frew to many lol

    lol, well that's OK then

    lol glad someones enjoyed their self today :thumbsup::-D

    Oh nothing wrong with a female with a pint,however I don't often drink beer etc,I prefer vodka and barcardi mixer drinks.

    Good for you ..... Keep smiling ( Smiles kill calories !!)

    Original Poster

    Yeah im smiling, just getting tired now.....neeeeed sleep had 2 coffees but just need sleep now lol

    Uuugh, feel a hangover coming on for you... even though I don't drink!!

    I drink pints pig out on burgers and all sorts of junk then feel guilty and exercise like mad the next day :-/

    Original Poster

    Well morning all!!

    Just seen i posted this whoops lol...sorry for inflicting my drunkness on you all, oh and no hangover either!!
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