Oh my- check this out I am sure your little one would love one!

    see link below

    Giddyup n go pony, it looks like it has been in some sort of accident pmsl


    i think that real cool.

    wow, thats a bit of alright isnt it, gonna get myself 1.!

    Original Poster

    I can't stop laughing at it, its the funniest thing I've seen in ages

    look really good have some rep


    How do you steer it though?

    How funny will it be when drunken parents have a go to impress other drunken adults ? LMFAO.

    I think it well kool, would def buy one.............although I probably won't lol But a bargain for £179

    That'll be the government's next idea for green travel to work. I'm sure they'd do a slight modification though so you could stick your tax disc somewhere, cause I'm sure they'd introduce donkey riding tax so they weren't missing out :-D


    My 3yr old is horse and pony mad and would love that!


    Ok now ive calmed down i think thats just awsome! I only want one though if it plays the music while your riding too!

    however i will not let either of my two young uns see this or it will be another thing they "need" (why dont they ever just want something, they always have to NEED it?)


    Venus, my youngest is the same!
    She used to say to all the adverts 'i need that for christmas' but now she has switched to 'i need that for my birthday' which isn't until the summer LOL

    Original Poster

    Glad to hear it has given everyone a giggle :-D


    :w00t:wondering how many will be flattened when the drunk relative turns up at christmas and tries to have a been framed here we come

    lol that made me :giggle: so much

    very cute

    what a ridiculous price though

    Very funny!
    I think they should do a version for adults so we can all have a laugh. It would have slightly more street cred than a Segway!

    Oh my that is soooo funny but I would have loved one when I was a little girl
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