Oh my god has anyone just seen Doctors?????

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Found 7th Oct 2008
I can't believe it. I'm gutted .


Why what has happened?
I missed it but usually watch on iplayer later

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Don't wanna ruin it for you. But shocking stuff and SO unfair

Unemployed tv....what a load of ****


Unemployed tv....what a load of ****

:-D Nowt wrong with Doctors... got me though Uni :whistling:



:-D Nowt wrong with Doctors... got me though Uni :whistling:

me too :-D

[email protected];3138481

They all died of Bad Aids and it was awesome.


Havent heard that for ages

I saw it !!!!

It;s my half hour of peace when son has his nap!

Yeah, shame they had to nuke the whole hospital, never mind.

Used to watch it when neighbours was still on BBC and it follwed after. Haven't watched it since they clash in time. I'm intruiged now. What happened?

Yes what happened

i dont watch it
but tell me what happened anyway

:oops:I wont watch if its sad. I got upset when i watched Tess of the D'Urbs that was bad enough


i used to watch it...will someone say what happened??? :giggle:

gas explosion at the clinic, but not saying what doctors died

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Don't read anymore if you are gonna watch it later!!!

Nick, who has finally (just today) began to walk unaided-gets knocked over (at force) by a huge lorry-whilst rescueing a child's football off the road. He was feeling on top of the world until then-he'd begun walking on his own and couldn't wait to show his new gorgeous girlfriend, he'd been to a comedy club and told some (supposedly) good jokes and then was paid enormous compliments by his friend whilst on the stage. He'd saved Bracken's life (the women who he'd had an affair withs daughter) and finally got forgiveness from Ronnie the husband. And all for what ?? To be splatted on the road-very unexpeceted!!!

:-(:cry:oh dearOMG i just forwarded the ending on iplayer. What a thing to show

Thing is i nearly watched it today but was too busy faffing around on here! Doctor's is classic for unexpected deaths tho' isn't?:-D

Just watched it on iplayer, that was bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do they keep doing it? If it was Melody, great!!!


Unemployed tv....what a load of ****

So you are saying unemployed people are only interested in **** and nothing else.
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