OH NO - Stock Cubes Shortage, argghhhh

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Posted 27th Jan 2008
Just been to Tesco and there seems to be a terrible shortage of ham stock cubes. Really. They won't be in stock until 5th Feb - my homemade soup can't wait that long!!!

It's not just the Knorr ones - tesco's own are out of stock too, and the ready made stock, and the concentrate. There just doesn't seem to be ham stock in any format available anywhere round here (well not in Tesco anyway)

So are people buying it up to flog on fleabay? Is there a national shortage? Has everyone decided to make soup today? Are Knorr trying a publicity stunt? Has the ham stock market crashed? Are ham stockcubes the new wii???

Please post your stock cube availability updates here - I need my soup!!
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