Found 27th Mar 2010
After many weeks searching and test driving we have finally settled on a new car. We have opted for a new renault Megane Hatch 1.6 16v Expression Hatch 5dr. After haggling them down we settled at a price of £11300.
My wife (who will be the main user of the car) had a test drive today and she liked it so we agreed to to the purchase. We left a £200 deposit with everything agreed and that the car will be ready for collection on Wed/Thurs next week for collection.
I have however, just recieved a call saying the colour we wanted (oyster grey) is not available. They have offerd us a selection of other colours ( twilight blue, pearl black and eclipse) but my wife is adamant she wants the oyster colour.
I have told renault this and if they cannot source it we will pull out of the deal...but i really like the car.
So my friends Im in a bit of a quandary. Should i just pick one of the other colours or let my wife decide and then spend another 3 weeks searching??

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Search for a new car......:thumbsup:

I had nothing but problems with my megane ;-)

Buy a new non french car

Hi, If you have other renault dealers nearby, I would contact them and ask if they have the colour required, often they will either match the deal or better it, to improve their sales figures. Hope this helps

Just test drove the new Astra the other day and might I say very good it is too :thumbsup:


Just test drove the new Astra the other day and might I say very good it … Just test drove the new Astra the other day and might I say very good it is too :thumbsup:

Astra :?

shut your dirty mouth


Astra :?shut your dirty mouth

:w00t: at least its british, whats so bad about it anyway:?


Astra :?shut your dirty mouth

+ 1 - these have to be the most uncomfortable car I've tested in a long time :thumbsup:

However if I were you I would def wait the extra couple of weeks for the car I wanted - if you've spent this long deciding, you're hardly going to be happy with anything else are you ??

My new Megane isnt due till the end of April but I'm happy to wait to get the model / colour I want - plus mine is out of tax then so just makes life easier lol !

Surely you would try a different dealer? Don't get a colour you don't really want when you are buying brand new, you will only regret it. I would get the deposit back ASAP from the dealer and tell them to let you know if they can get you one in the future, and meanwhile you look elsewhere... maybe try autotrader, motorpoint etc

Avoid anything French, You'll have nothing but electrical and reliability problems. The build quality is very poor.


They can get you the colour - it just means a 12 week wait from the factory and consequently a 12 week wait for the dealer to get his sale towards his target

Pick another colour and ask them to improve the deal

my father in law just got the same car - oyster grey, and he said he got the last of that colour...
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