Posted 29th Dec 2022 (Posted 21 h, 43 m ago)
so how much can electric and Energy prices keep rising, if wages go up 10 percent every year but every 3 month's ,, energy's prices go up 5 percent, 20, 30 percent, when will it end and it just goes up normal amount.

just got email about energy cost in Jani and April and why it's 33p, when government support goes it says it will be 66 p for a kWh, that's gonna shift electric to double then in relality when support goes and then probably another 20 percent in April, I think we coming to really unstable, caused just by one bill, imagine paying 1 pound per kWh, well looks like this time next year it probably will be.

rembver when a tenner was a week worth now it's a a day, talk about becomingly third country when people can't afford to shower wash there clothes etc , we seem to be going backwards.

I just don't think the penny's dropped for many people, or there must be on good wager and can afford a few hundred extra month.

wonder what the government's plan Is in April
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    Im 40 years old. Grew up in a house with an external toilet and a lightbulb we used to move from room to room when we moved around the house. One coal fire in the living room and metal windows with one sheet of thin glass.

    People don’t know how to survive nowadays.
    I love these kind of posts!

    “My ancestors lived in mud huts 500 years ago, what do you mean you’re complaining that you can’t heat the home or feed your children. These companies making record profits is irrelevant.”
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    Love these drunk posts
    I love pricklerickle's threads (edited)
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    Wages go up 10% a year if only
    LOL - yeah I'd be on just shy of £500,000 by now if that was the case!
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    European gas contracts (for one month delivery) are lower than pre-invasion.

    Oil prices are lower than pre-invasion.

    European gas storage is still at close to 90% moving into January, decreasing the likelihood of the predicted worse price crunch next winter.

    Energy prices have to start coming down, though China re-opening (big increase in demand) and the way the UK price cap works (retrospectively) will be factors slowing any fall.
    You are explaining everything logically; that doesn't work with most people. Everyone wants the benefit of future price reductions if prices are coming down but wants the benefits of the previous price if they are going up.
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    The price currently is coming back down the problem is the peaks and the way UK uses prices each quarter to calculate pricing…ice
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    Yet people rush to ALDI in their masses to buy PRIME at £2 a bottle...

    Lost.... The.... Plot
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    If your wages went up by 10% then you are one of the lucky few like the train drivers.
    Have train drivers had a 10% pay rise?

    This is from the RMT website about the rejected pay offer:

    “The Network Rail offer included a 5pc and 4pc pay rise over a two-year period with thousands of job losses, 50pc cut in scheduled maintenance tasks and a 30pc increase in unsocial hours.“

    They don’t sound too lucky to me.
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    66p per kwh???
    Double the current price cap?
    The spot prices are much lower than they have been in the past 12 months, to be clear I agree they are currently far too high
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    When people start freezing to death and dying from starvation in this country, that's when prices will come down. Everyone will be dead so nobody to pay the high prices, so they've got to come down. Capitalism!
    I think they've already started.
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    BIG things are coming in 2023

    Electric Bill
    Gas Bill
    Council Tax Bill
    Car Insurance (edited)
    lol rent/ mortgages and don't forget TV licence
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    the 10 percent rise , for minimum wage going from 9.50 too 10.42 a hour, congrats to the people who ain't on minium wage
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