ohhh PCS spookey behaviour,

    The electrical item kind not me! hahah
    My little lad was playing oblivion on the pc, when the mouse appeared, starting clicking off oblivion,and then going to start, programs etc flicking through. This didnt worry my son as my OH can * logmein* from work..... so we thought he was checking something. So my little lad get notepad up and and typed in mum said stop messing about with the PC.. It stopped happening then so he carried on playing.
    My Oh rang me this evening so i mentioned asking why he was on * log me in* he said it wasnt him! which thinking about it the little log me in box wasnt top right of screen which it normally is when he does it!
    OH seems to think someones hacked...however we have mac dress filtering via router....
    Does anyone know a good program i could run to see if someone has got in??
    Maybe this is a case for yvette and the most haunted team!


    MAC filtering won't prevent an internet based hack. its meant to prevent unauthorised connections to your networks from the LAN or WLAN side and not the WAN side (internet).
    i would disconnect it from the net and update all malware detection and anti viral software. then scan the hole thing looking for backdoors or trojans

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    cheers wolf, would you know a good one to run? or use the one on my pc should be ok?

    i use spybot search and destroy from safer networking for anti malware. avg for anti virus and zonealarm for a firewall. get the latest versions of each, then run an update, then run a full scan

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    cheers for that,
    im actually running avg as we speak and ive got spybot search and destroy, nothing showing as yet.


    also try [url][/url], it picks up a few rogue programs sbsd and avg don't

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    Right, i did virus scan, showed nothing except tracking cookies. While i was doing the avg full system scan, where it says scan and you click to pause it.... it was flickering on pause, scan, pause scan, as if someone was clicking it! I had to abort it!
    Shut down pc from mains,checked security logs and showed nothing.

    Running few more checks now. Cheers guys

    try starting the computer in safe mode and then run avg
    also go into command prompt and type netstat this will tell you whats running on each port

    make sure you have the internet unplugged from the computer when running the avg

    oh and check your hosts file as well
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