Oil Stains on carpet - HELP!!!

Found 11th Feb 2008
Okay - so junior Biscuits was helping his dad in the garage and preceeded to tramp oil stains all the way up my stair carpet. (JOY!!)

Google search has provided two solutions:

1. Fairy liquid aplied frequently and rubbed in.
2. A dry powder (talcum or baking soda/bicarb) sprinkled on and 'worked' out.

Does anyone have experience of removing such stains and does anyone of the above work? Please!!!
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Is that personal experience?
The link below says you could try rubbing alcohol, in the UK this is a mixture of water and ethanol, you could use some cheap vodka if you have some lying around, although that is a lower proportion of ethanol (40% cf 70+%). The oil is soluble in the ethanol and if you keep blotting it as you do this then it should lift most if not all of it, just remember not to 'scrub' at it of you'll just spread it further. Good luck!

Your sure the stains are oil

If this has just happened and the oil is laying on the surface of the carpet then you need something to absorb the oil.
I've used brown paper, cat litter before and it has worked, Blotting paper or crepe paper may work.

If it's sunk into the pile of the carpet then as someone else has wrote it's the dabbing method. Good quality washing up liquid I've used. Never used vodka. Be careful of anything that may take the colour out of the carpet.

Good luck
Thanks everyone, I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on!
Baby wipes! ... and yes, that's from experience. :-D
Damn lube gets everywhere eh.......
I've tried baby wipes - they are quite good!

My father in law designs carpets and he says DON'T EVER put fairy liquid on your carpet. Apparently it might get rid of the marks in the first place, but it's impossible to get it out properly again and it acts like a magnet for dirt and dust and will leave you with a big mucky patch in the longer term.

Just a word of warning... Hope it's not too late. (I've used it loads of times before he told me that though!!)
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