ok booked harrods santa 6th dec booked hotel

    now looking to book trains and as you have all been so helpful thought i would ask your advice again now we visit santa at 4.30 but ticket says be in que for 4.00 pm how long does this usually take as the train i am thinking of getting home leaves at 7.00 pm from euston .rep left for all helpful comments .thanks


    That should be fine. I don't know how long the santa thing takes, however you might need to note in the run up to Christmas, especially on Saturday, they may close the train doors slightly earlier (The bit where you walk down the slight ramp at Euston where they check your tickets) than the usual 1min or 30 seconds to allow the crowds to get on board and get the pendo away.

    It's also likely to be a very busy train, so I'd get there slightly earlier if you can. You don't want to be trying to move through the train to find your seats if you have kids / bags.

    how much is santa tickets?

    Euston gets very busy at peak times, but i feel that the will take an hour or so to be ready and then the platform will be declared.

    Euston will be very busy - it's bad enough on a weekday at 18:30, let alone a Christmas weekend.

    They'll have to get the platforms out quickly because of the sheer amount of people going wherever.

    If the board says "Being Prepared" move towards the platform bit of the station - near burger king. Once a platform comes up at EUS, and you're in the middle bit, it is sort of like a scrum. Literally everyone moves at once.

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    omg sounds horrific as i will have a 3 year old and 7 year old and a teenager

    Make Sure you dont use the fast ticket thing because there is such a big line and also the machine sometimes mess up or need new paper.

    It's not horrific, but it can be very busy, not heaving but there will be a lot of people.

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    i will be buying tickets and having them sent out to me .but not sure how long it will take in harrods .so not sure which return train to book.never been to london before only going now because got tickets to see santa .

    it all depends on how busy santa is at harrods where are you travelling?

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    traveling to cheshire from euston

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    emasue whats a pendo

    A pendolino.

    The trains that virgin operate.

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    ok thanks just googled it now feel a silly beggar


    Just dont get there too early as they wont let you in until 10 mins before your time. You will be queing for nearly 40 mins to get to see santa, so make sure you take in some entertainment. Once you are in with santa you get about 5-10 mins, depends how long your kids present list is :giggle:

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    is 40 mins the longest wait as i am trying to work out travel home afterwards



    is 40 mins the longest wait as i am trying to work out travel home … is 40 mins the longest wait as i am trying to work out travel home afterwards

    It will either be that waiting to be let in if you are at the front of the queue, or that if you are at the back of the queue dependant on when you start, but they let a new batch of people in on an hourly basis, so the very longest wait will be one hour, it really depends on the backlog.

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    foosball is that 10 mins before time on ticket or ten mins before in que

    I don't think you will have a problem getting the 7pm train home, you should be out of Grotto by 5pm if you have a 4.30pm time slot. Even if it it is running late and you allow an hour it is still only 5.30pm when you will leave the store. Knightsbridge station is a few mins away, you get the piccadilly line 4 stops to Leceister sq and then change to Northern line 4 stops to Euston, up ramp to Overground trains. About 20-25 min total journey including getting from Harrods to station, platform transfer times, so you would be at Euston mainline before 6pm. Just keep an eye on the big boards for your train platform and go to it as soon as it is up.


    how much is santa tickets?

    They were free, had to book online In August and all went within about a week. Selfridges should have their tickets on sale soon and you pay £1 usually to book a time slot online.

    Keep the little ones virtually *attached* to you when you go to the trains as people aren't adverse to pushing inbetween you and the children and it can be kinda frightening for kids if theres a huge squash of bodies pushing at them. Arm the teenager with a phone. Make sure you give them the talk(s) about pickpockets, strangers, homeless and staying close to one another whilst in the city. Other than that, enjoy the sights, London is gorgeous at christmas time. Oh, also, if you are thinking of somewhere nice to eat that the kids will like, such as rainforest cafe etc, remember you can't just turn up, you'll need to prebook. xx
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