Found 15th Aug 2007
can anyone help me to connect the laptop to the comp so i can transfer all my files i want so we can give the Desktop comp away

iv heard you can use the ethernet cable and make a new connection....i lost my way after one click lol

thanks anyone:thumbsup:


And would you believe it... i finally have mine :lol:

I like Vostro 1000 threads....

Yes, an ethernet cable between the two will let you transfer files.. i think theres something called transfer wizard?

If you have Windows XP ]This Microsoft article explains it step by step. The transfer wizard is best if you are using external media like a DVD or USB Hard disk.

If you want to use an ethernet cable you need to setup a p2p network which is more complicated.

Windows File Sharing


Laptop LAN IP:

Assuming both PC and Laptop are on a LAN via wired ethernet or wireless (not recommended to shift gigabytes of files)

In explorer on the PC setup, right click the directory with all the files you want to move, properties, sharing, ensure it's shared properly

In explorer onthe Laptop go to:


enter the login details if anyone for the PC.

you should see allthe files for that directory on the PC...

Then you can just right click, copy, and paste them where you want them on the laptop (ensure the laptop has enough space)

That is very overgeneralised and XP Home might need certain things turned on via advanced settings.

Not to mention firewall programs, if applicable, might need to have :445 opened up and to allow explorer access to the network if not done so already, on PC and/or Laptop


Windows File SharingExample:PC LAN IP: LAN IP: … Windows File SharingExample:PC LAN IP: LAN IP:

If you're not using a router you'll need to set the static IP addresses in TCP/IP

Good point, if on DHCP automatic settings you'll need to manually enter those on your LAN/Wireless adapter TCP settings.

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using the Bt netgear wireless router


using the Bt netgear wireless router

You should be able to follow schizo's instructions then Saxo as the router will assign the IP addresses.

Was there anything in particular you didn't understand?

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all of it, can you simplify it down for me please


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hi im on Vista, or does it matter?

Nope, connect the laptop and computer via ethernet cable (or one wireless, or both, if you dare!) and share the files you wish to copy (or share the whole drive). Then goto 'My Network' or similar and you'll be able to see each computer (computer if you're on your laptop, vice versa) and the files shared.

Link above shows you how to share.
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