Ok, Im looking for help with buying a Laptop can anyone recommend

    I need some help I am looking to buy a new laptop tomorrow.

    I am looking for something with:-
    3gb Memory
    250gb hard drive
    Built-in webcam (but not a must have)
    Windows 7
    and a Processor speed enough to play dvd's music, internet and some programs like Word Excel etc.

    I have 20gb fibre optic internet from Virgin so looking for summat that will help this run fast and smooth plus not 'freeze'

    I currently have
    60gb Harddrive
    1.6ghz processor
    and it runs slow.

    HELP AND LINKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ive got a Sony Vaio, best laptop ive ever had

    Any laptop will do what you ask.

    Original Poster

    Can you recommend any between £250 / £350
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