Ok looking at tv's which do you prefer....

    Its going to be a 37"tv and iv heard that the

    Panasonic Viera is good & the
    Sony Bravia is good....

    which do you prefer? have any of you seen the differneces in the 2..
    im looking for a sharp picture for HD gaming and watching High Def Tv

    thanks for any help folks


    i got a sony bravia, its good but dont know what to compare it too really

    matey go with samsung or sony, they the best 2, so in this case stick with sony, little more expensive but u get what u pay for

    Id go panny they are usually best

    Or get a samsung you cant go wrong with them unless you buy their dvd players

    I wouldn't discount samsung or even LG? (LG style offer a problem rather than the screen itself)
    Depends on actual model and budget

    hmmm, i would go for sony.

    What console you getting / got ?

    Im sure if your getting ps3 then it would be a good combination.

    my husband has the viera its got excellent reviews, upscale dvd games upto 1080p ,bought the37inch frm littlewoods 611pounds after disccode dont forget quidco so tat makes it 560

    panasonic excellent screen

    my dad paid like £900 for a 32" sony bravia lol

    Original Poster

    littlewoods hmmmm
    arent there tv's a little over priced tho

    Gotta love a Sony Bravia, mine is happily in marriage with my ps3 'n xbox 360.

    Beautiful looking sets too.

    Original Poster

    Do littlewoods not over price there tv's?


    littlewoods hmmmm arent there tv's a little over priced tho

    ya alittle if u on tight budget u can opt 4 0% 1year interest free credit

    Panasonic Viera every time Saxo!

    ....and Plasma over LCD too!

    Original Poster

    Yeh but only plasma after 37" is that correct?

    Did you get one in the end?
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