ok my fellow HUKDealers...

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Found 14th May 2009
I am going away in a week for the whole summer... I know hold your tears guys... please hold them...

Im going to miss your witty banter guys... im going to miss the heated discussion and the hilarious comments... and i know you'll miss me... my silent, yet ever here present...

Join in my prepartion for america, with some ridiculous comments and hopefully helpful tips for a first time traveller.

Thank you

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where in america ?

Enjoy the trip and show the Yanks that the UK is the best:thumbsup:

hope you have a nice time over the pond x

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where in america ?

missouri... then the west coast


missouri... then the west coast

ah id love to go to the west coast ! have fun dude !

We have family who live in the East Highlands, near Hollywood. Have never been to MI but have been to Oklahoma with a plane full of Missourians lol Have a great time xx


Looks like you are going to miss us more...................Think about all those lovely offers you are going to miss !!!..........................
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