ok so im having a bad time lol fiat punto grande 06 blowers help

    my blowers have stopped working and i cant find where the fuse is if it is the fuse i hope its the fuse !! anyone know where the fuse box is in this car? and which fuse it is?

    ive searched google and posted on the fiat forum but no replys



    Might be worth listing where you have looked for the fuse box so others who aren't familiar with the car can suggest common areas to check.

    Have you got yourself a Haynes manual? Always worth having one for things like this.

    Edit: Have you looked in the car's handbook/manual?

    Original Poster

    ok think i have found it its in the glove compartment on the passengers side but which one is it and what do i do lol

    the answer will be in the car manual

    Try You should find that there is a diagram of the fuses either in your handbook or on a panel near to the fuse box. Fuses tend to blow if there is a fault though.
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