Ok so i'm thinking about a new mobile.....

    I've just gone back back to my Samsung G600, after selling my N95.
    I had no gripes with the N95 except that the size was quite bulky in my pocket and got a little uncomfortable.

    I'm going to be looking for something with a great camera and video, decent storage, fairly quick internet connectivity. Most importantly it must be have a slimmer profile than the N95 lol.

    Contract wise, no more than 18 months, No more than £25-30 per month and phone must be free. (if possible, have some sort of unrestricted internet usage).

    I've read some favourable reviews on a few phones, but not had the chance to have a play around with any.

    I know what i'm asking is quite specific, but if i dont find anything, i'll hold off till i do. Anybody have any suggestions. Thanks in advance. J



    Moved to deal requests

    My contract is up for renewel as well, this is the deal im considering:

    Its with orange for the HTC touch 3G which is the smallest smartphone out there, im afraid the cameras only 3.2mp and some people say the screen is a bit small but those are the compromises for having a small phone. It runs Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional and has a 528mhz processor.

    Its £27 a month on a 12 month contract and £32 if you add 500mb of internet browsing a month.

    Heres is a link to the phones specs, I had a go on it in shop and liked it.


    These People seem to like it
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