Ok, so please, can you guys help me out on what graphics card to buy regarding my mobo too.

    at the moment, i have 3gb ram, amd 3ghz ducal core processor, 1440x900 widescreen lcd monitor and a 8500gt graphics card.

    as you can see, my graphics card is the weakest link. so i want to upgrade this only.

    i have a budget of around £130 - may go upto £145 depends. so which one should i buy? its gotta be nvivdia (please dont ask lol) and i want there to be this new physx thing which i dnt really know much about (but sounds cool). also, it has to pnly 512mb and ddr3 or whatever is good.

    so what will be your advice(s)? shud i just hold on just a little longer (as i have been holding on for like 6 months) for the prices to drop. will it last me at least 3 years?

    and i dnt even know if my mobo will support it. this is the one i currently got:…507

    i have a matx case which means the inside may get hot with a powerful graphics card. i also have a 450W so do i also have to get a new power supply? (i really hope not)


    it isn't a case of just buying a graphics card, you need to find out what power supply you have as decent graphics card have there own power lead, if the cases power supply is a standard supply it probabley won't run it, and you will have problems with the computer not booting up or it may run for a while but it will start to give you prblems, a half decent power supply is about £40 upwards:thumbsup:


    Upgrade to 600w first . . . .

    Original Poster

    i have a 450W psu. is that enough for lets say, a 9800gtx +?


    No, it's not, 650w+ or to be safe 700/800w and for overkill and if you want to set 2 of those or even 3 in SLI then go for 1200w etc

    For 150 pound look to get ati radeon 1GB 4850,

    better frame rates than the 9800 gtx and less power hungry,

    but unfortunatly you would still need to upgrade your power supply and need a 6 pin pci-e cable from your powersupply.
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