Ok so today i've downloaded a 3cd album for my ipod but...

    when i've put it onto itunes it hasn't gone on as 1 album of 3 cd's but each track has gone on as a single album. what did i do wrong? can i fix it or do i need to delete all the tracks and start again(pls god nooooooo!!)
    thanks guys


    Edit the ID3 tags so they all have the same album name.

    Select them all and make sure the album tag name is the same for every track (It will appear blank if the tag varies).

    Could also tag as disc 1 of 3, and so on....

    if all the tracks are already tagged(named) as different then you need to have the whole 3 cd album in one folder and then in itunes import "folder" rather than the folder by the album title.

    surprised someone on here didn;t take the moral highground about downloading lol

    best way is just to tag album title as mentioned previously

    Piracy is bad, m'kay.
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