OK what would you do? ebay problem seller wont sell..

Found 19th Nov 2008
Bought an item-bid for it-seller said she had a reserve although she didnt. I am so fed up with this hapening but cant find on ebay to read about it...she is about the 4th to tell me she wont sell and its ebays problem!!
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eBay's problem?! If there was no reserve and it sold to you, you need to report her under the 'Seller Non-Performance' Category :thumbsup:
Report her and leave her neg feedback!
Search the HELP section for Seller Non Performance it tells you how to report it :thumbsup:

Report her and leave her neg feedback!

Hell yeah, in the worst possible way :evil:
Don't be afraid as seller's can't leave neg rep to buyers now.
thanks guys i looked at seller non-performance and am sure i found a while ago the specifics-but cant find it now...she is new to ebay -but the first couple of times this happened to me i accepted it but i am annoyed this time-mainly due to the amount if times i have sold items at low prices but accepted it as after all its just luck a lot of the time..and i really wanted the item and won it for £56 and she wants £150!

oh anyway i just sent her an email telling her she will be reported and get her first shiney new neg-and that next time read terms and conditions!
Item number? (just want to be nosy and read the fb you leave :lol:)

Item number? (just want to be nosy and read the fb you leave :lol:)

lol havent done it yet......will pm it
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