OK whats going on - PC HELP!

    Long story short. I bought a MSI AE2010 which came with 7... never been a fan of Vista OR 7 and want to install XP, problems is I keep getting blue screened after drivers load and thats on 2 Windows disks?

    Anyone know why its playing up?


    Are you using a SATA hard drive? If so this may be due to there being no SATA drivers on the original XP discs.

    I'm inclined to agree. Installing Windows XP on a machine with SATA drives and no floppy disks is rather difficult. The only solution I can see is to burn a slipstream DVD that has both Windows XP and the motherboard drivers on it.

    Can you not change the setting in the BIOS for the SATA Operation (so it's ATA)?

    That might help.

    if the above dont work or you need more help register with] tech support guy and post your problem in the relevant forum and the will point you in the right direction.

    I believe its a bios issue, I heard before some prebuilts or such have updated bios that have problems with XP, with another motherboard I had there was the opposite issue, took XP only and crashed with Vista!

    Why go back to an operating system that came out in 2001 on a brand new PC.

    There are all sorts of issues (drivers being one) that make it difficult.

    Remember also that Windows Vista and 7 are FAR more secure than XP. Put on XP and you are leaving yourself wide open to security attacks.

    Also, I doubt this laptop was even TESTED with XP installed.

    I have to say this is a SILLY SILLY idea.

    I am a die hard XP guy and we use XP day in and out at work but I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my home PC and tell what, no go back, it's brilliant and not much different from XP and add on lots of feature you'll love. Stick to it for a week and you will see that you'll keep it.

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    Well I did manage to get XP on the system after 2.... SUCSESS I though until I tried to connect to the internet when I found that the net card drivers aint on the disk :? Couldnt use the USB drivers for the router coz I couldnt get into the router settings for user and password without internet. Vista Basic nor Unlimate would work so here I am back with 7 :o:-(:-(

    AH well, lets stick with iit for now.....

    Cheers guys, much appreciated
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