okay so i went into the bookies this morning

    because i collected my winnings from my football bets,
    however, i put few quid in the roulette machine and this old guy came in and put £80 in the machine next to me, started going mental at the roulette board, and in the space of 5mins his credit was £500+ gosh i was shocked, i even turned round and called him ' a genious' haha,
    i had few quid in, won £20odd was well gutted ahah



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    how exactly is he a genius for winning on a game of complete chance?

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    because i havent seen anything like it haha, ive seen people put £60+ in and loose it all hahaha

    Saw someone win 2k on one of those machines crazy!!!

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    how much did they start with?

    Would agree that it is purely random and luck but I know of several people that take £500+ a couple of times a week out of them. They reckon there is a system but I'm not sure. They don't seem to lose as they do not play it if the numbers are not right on the display.
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    it's a human input software, i know a guy that studdies the roulette on ladbrokes online for hours, and wins more times than he loose's, mad stuff lol

    i even turned round and called him ' a genious'

    What's one of them?

    The bookies make more money on these machines now than they take from over the counter bets. When I used to fly from Stanstead Airport I used to watch people playing them. Ive seen people put £100 on a spin and lose a fortune. I friend of mine who lost a fortune on them used to be able to tell where the ball would land as soon as it hit the reel. The trouble is the bets have been placed so he was no better off. He would lose hundreds while we were waiting for our plane.


    how much did they start with?

    £20 Crazy!


    I have seen people take out £3,000+.

    Now you can only lose a certain amount of money over a certain amount of time. The Gambling Commission say that there needs to be about 10 seconds "cooling off" between spins. Some punters absolutely HATE this.

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    i thought this guy today was gunna walk away with 1k atleast! but he walked away before it stuffed him haha

    My OH is a bookie and this isnt unusual with these machines. They pay out on a %. For example the shop my OH runs is budgeted to win 2000k from the machines each week. But it varies throughout the year, some months they lose some they win. Its pure luck.

    lol £500, is that meant to be alot?

    black gerbil1

    lol £500, is that meant to be alot?

    Could buy your Fiesta twice over, maybe now your working you could upgrade to an Escort.
    Someone won a good few hundred once on one of these machines while I was watching but they just seem to eat my money, the only machines I seem to have any luck with are the poker machines.
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