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    Hi Guys

    I just wanted you to be aware some companies including Iwantoneofthose is still selling Olan Mills photo packages, I have found as many companies as I can and e mailed them as the company went into administration today. I am an ex-employee but I don't want anyone else losing money.

    I don't know if this is the area to post this, but I just wanted to make people aware.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas :santa:



    Thanks for the warning!

    Merry Xmas to you too! :santa:

    Thanks for the pointer and warning kellycharles26!

    Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way and Merry Christmas to you too :santa:

    Please let us know if you get a reply from those you've e-mailed :santa: Thanks.

    Little More info here for those affected:

    thanks for this, i had no idea. I have a 4 session plan, i have only used one, i'll have to try to get my money back. Damn!

    Bloody great, i ve been getting my son photo'd at my store since he was born, its nice to know they didnt bother to let anyone know they were in trouble, as i certainly didnt.

    I also have a package with them, doesnt look like im going to get refund either, excellent way to start my weekend off, there's nowhere else to get my son photo'd here :-(

    Original Poster

    Hi Guys

    Me again, sorry that you have only just found out I can tell you it was a shock to all of us that worked there as well as the studio staff who received a phone call telling them not to come in.

    With regards to the plans you have bought, the notice on the shop door does say some other company photographers may honour the plan, I will try and get you a copy of the notice and post it on here for you.


    Here are the details

    Question. I have a “club plan” with Olan Mills, can I get a refund?
    Answer. Olan Mills is in Administration and we cannot offer to refund money. Your claim is classed as an unsecured creditor claim and you will need to register your claim. Register your claim by writing to the administrators at 2 Cornwall Street, Birmingham, B3 2DL giving details of the amount you have paid.

    We do not anticipate funds being available to pay any dividends to unsecured creditors.

    We are in discussions with The Masters Photographers Association to try and ensure that a mechanism is in place to fulfil club plans. Please visit their website on [url][/url] for further information.

    The directors have placed monies on trust for club plans opened since 12 November 2006. It is anticipated that independent trustees will be appointed in due course, and a process established to enable claims to be made against this trust. Further information will appear on the website.

    I have been trying to get my kids photographed for the last few weeks, but had to put this off due to illnesses...

    But finally went to Olan Mills on the 9th Dec to get them done in time for xmas.

    Ive had photos done there before but have never been happy til this last one....the pictures were excellent!...

    Now it looks like Ive lost the whole lot...:shock:

    Im sitting here in shock....


    Original Poster


    I still havent heard from any of the companies I e mailed about selling the product.

    I want one of those, is still selling them.

    Any ideas if any one I should contact.


    P.S Kimbo phone the customer line they should still have a copy of the photos you should be able to get them.

    Original Poster

    Hi Guys

    Just an update only found one site now selling the products from Olan Mills looks like my e mails could have worked.

    I have e mailed the last company now, so hopefully that will be removed as well.

    Hope you all had a lovely christmas and have a Happy New Year.

    Kelly xx

    Any news on the people whove lost money who had packages from them?

    Original Poster

    I think you have to apply to the administrators or if you paid by credit card then you can speak to the people who you have your credit card from.

    I have lost £35 on a package that I bought as well as losing my wages and job.

    Best thing to do is check their website and then take it from there, sorry I cant be of any more help.


    No worries, thanks for the extra info, if it wasnt for this post, i wouldnt have even known until it was next photo time :geek:

    Hi Kelly,and welcome to the forums.Nice to see you have taken time and effort to try and help folk in what must be a very distressing time for yourself.
    You deserve some rep,so hear it is.Well done.:santa::thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Just got this response from Buy a gift.

    Thank you for your interest in Buyagift and for your email. Our vouchers are still valid and we have another photographic studio honouring the Olan Mills vouchers. Hope you have a fab 2007!

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