OLD Apple Power Book 5300CS - can I get a cd drive for it?

Found 15th Mar 2007
My father in law has given my children his old Apple Power Book 5300CS - dont think it has a cd drive in it, and therefore they cant use it to play PC games, and I wanted a laptop to put some financial info on away from the family PC - I am an absolute novice with Apple- can I buy a drive to attac:h to this so they can play their cd games? Any other advice about Aple and how we can use this will be very gratefully recieved !!
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Its a bit of an old machine and it is possible to get a cd drive but the operating system limited to 0S9 I think your machine will be too slow as regards for games, you wont be able to play PC games on that mac.
try apple.com/sup…rt/ for any further info
try pure-mac.com/ for games remember to look for 0S9 versions very limited.
It will still do as an administration tool or even a jukebox like a large ipod connect it to hifi system with appropriate cables (use itunes os9)
Hope this helps
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